A 'Blog-folio' of My Work as an Editor In Chief & Creative Director

July 1, 2009

> Editorial Features

Below is an assortment of editorial that I conceptualized, assigned, edited and creative directed.

R&B Superstar Akon for YRB Magazine, 2007

Olympic Gold Medalist Hannah Teter for YRB Magazine, 2007

LA Based Rapper Mickey Avalon for YRB Magazine, 2007

Reno 911: Miami for YRB Magazine, 2007

NHL Superstar Sean Avery for YRB Magazine, 2007

Comedian Andy Samberg for YRB Magazine, 2007

Gossip Blogger Perez Hilton for YRB Magazine, 2007

The individual components of an editorial layout are as integral to the item's overall success as the graphic design that is applied to them. As an Editor and Creative Director, the challenge of combining words and images in an effort to tell a complete story is a thought-provoking process that involves an intimate marriage of typography, photography, illustration and copy.

When I joined YRB Magazine, I was faced with the task of overseeing a complete editorial and visual overhaul. I creative directed the publication into a new era; redesigning the logo, cover typography, FOB, slugs and department aesthetics along the way. I employed and led a motivated and fresh group of designers, photographers, illustrators, editors and writers - and succeeded in creating a publication that was as intriguing to read as it was stimulating to gape at.